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Yol-Kok – 1st half

Yol Kok Meaning: Yol Kok is the false name of the great philosopher and scholar Yi I nicknamed Confusious of Korea.


Remember the 6 major kias in this kata:

  • The first punch of the kata
  • The first punch of second side of the kata
  • The last punch down the middle of the first half of the kata
  • The first elbows-strike
  • The second elbow-strike
  • The backfist in an “X” stance


The first half of this kata has the first three major kias in and will end at the last punch down the middle.


Make sure to keep your horse stances low and wide for the first two sides of the kata, start off your kata strong and with a strong major kia.


The first to angles going down the middle have a inside high low block. For the first one the left preps at the right side of your face and your right hand blocks downward for the inside middle block. Your left hand goes into a chamber once you kick with your left leg. And then finish that angle with a left forward stance and two middle punches starting with a left handed punch and finishing with a right handed punch.


For the second angle it is the same –– except you just switch the roles of our left and right sides. You block with your inside high low block but now your right hand with block on the left side of your face and your left hand will block downward. This time your right hand will go into a chamber when you kick with your right leg. And then finish with a right handed punch and then a left handed punch.


Don’t forget to prep at your waist for the first hook-hook punch down the middle in a right forward stance. Then complete another hook-hook punch in a left forward stance.


Finish the first half of the kata with a punch down the middle and a major kia.