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5 Ways to Tweak Your Lifestyle for a Healthier Tomorrow

Most people want to develop healthier habits, but it’s tough to make big changes to your daily routine. The trick is finding small ways to support healthier living. Small tweaks can help you make progress over time, rather than falling short of goals that were a bit intimidating, to begin with. Check out these tweaks for a healthier tomorrow from Bailey’s Karate!

Tie New Habits to Old Ones

Willpower alone may not get you over the healthier lifestyle hump. The truth is, there’s no quick fix for ingraining new habits into your life. However, some psychological tricks could help you tweak your habits over the long-term. Psychology Today suggests multiple strategies for smarter habit building, and one helpful tip is to tie your desired habit to something you already do regularly. Habit stacking means you connect a new habit with a tried-and-true one. For example, maybe you watch the news every morning while sitting on the couch. Swapping your comfy seat for a stationary bike can tie a healthier habit to your TV watching routine.

Find More Energy

Many people lament the lack of time they have for healthier habits. But what if you don’t lack time – only energy? Feeling lethargic can dampen your motivation to do anything, whether it’s cooking healthy meals or hitting the gym. It can be a tough cycle to break out of, but you may find that supplements can help get you moving again. Testosterone boosters support energy levels and mental clarity and may help you reach your goals. Just make sure to read labels, check reviews, and consult your doctor before trying any supplement.

Make Smart Swaps

There are plenty of unhealthy yet normalized habits in today’s high-stress, fast-paced world. Junk food binges while marathoning streaming shows is just one example. However, getting rid of those bad habits can mean a healthier future ahead. Whatever your vices, consider replacing the least healthy ones with an alternative reward. If comfort food keeps you feeling cozy, try a new recipe with fewer carbs and, as a result, less guilt. For city-dwellers who drive everywhere, walking instead can save you cash and burn calories. It’s important to start small and work your way toward better habits with each swap.

Embrace Activity

Exercising for the sake of your health is a wise move. But exercising because it’s something you enjoy doing is even better. One way to truly embrace physical fitness is by choosing a sport you are passionate about. Committing to a sport you enjoy that’s also physically challenging can be rewarding and even addictive! Karate, for example, helps you hone your discipline and teaches you important life skills. Of course, it also helps you get into better shape through a combination of cardio and endurance exercises.

Go Outside More

The evidence in favor of spending more time in nature is clear, notes Byrdie. From more energy for exercise to better rest at night, fresh air packs a punch. And yet, not everyone gets their allotted hours of vitamin D each day. Sure, not everyone has access to green spaces or stretches of sandy beaches. But no matter how busy you are, there are bound to be times when you sit down to check your phone, sip some coffee, or make a grocery list. Try doing those small things outside – whether on your balcony, front porch, or in your backyard – for a bit of a boost that will soon become your favorite habit. Who knows – you may just be inspired to take off for a walk and get some fitness in, too.



Overhauling your daily habits is a tall order. Starting small is much easier and more palatable to humans, who are often resistant to change! By adopting these tweaks to your daily schedule, you can start making a positive impact that adds up over time. Ready to jump-start your lifestyle upgrade? Check out Bailey’s Karate for fitness that enriches your lifestyle.


Article written by Sheila Olson