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Links to katas for students

Links for learning for Bailey’s Students

Below are the links to videos for all katas and weapons forms. Please be sure that you are staying within your level of learning, as going ahead will not help you to be ready for your current level testing/evaluation process.  we know that this is hard, as we all want to learn it now, but the beginning basis are your foundation that will allow you the time you need to be the best martial artist you can be!

If you have questions as you are reviewing please be sure to ask your instructor!

Look for your current rank.  You may have to copy and paste the link.

Current rank

White Belt and all Ranger Ranks    1/2 Form 1 

Yellow-white Belt                                 Form 1      

Yellow Belt                                             Form 2       

Yellow-Black                                        1/2 To-San 

Orange                                                    To-San      

Orange-Black                                        Bo Basics            Learn in class and continue to work on all Katas above

Green                                                     1/2 Bo Form 1

Green-Black                                         1/2  Yol-Kok

Purple Belt                                             Yol-Kok     

Purple-Black                                          Bo Form 1 

Blue                                                         1/2  Toi-Gye

Blue-Black                                              Toi-Gye     

Brown                                                     1/2 Hwa-Rang

Brown-Black                                          Hwa-Rang 


Kata Meanings


BASIC FORM 1- Form One is for the beginner to develop his or her techniques into smooth and powerful motions  


TO-SAN– To-San is the false name of Ahn Ch’Ang-Ho who devoted his entire life into furthering the education of Korea and its independence movement 


YOL-KOK– Yol-Kok is the false name of the great philosopher and scholar YI I nicknamed the Confucius of Korea 


TOI-GYE– Toi-Gye is the penname of the noted scholar Yi Hwang, the authority on neo-Confucianism 


HWA-RANG– HwaRang is named after the Hwa-Rang youth group which originated in the Silla Dynasty over 1,350 years ago  


When practicing Katas remember it’s not just about learning the moves, but it is just as  important  to perfect the moves.  The beginning forms are as important as the more advanced and they will allow you to continue to work on and improve your basics, which are the foundation of a good martial artist!

Practice slow and practice fast!

Work on intensity and power as you create a story through your kata!

Any questions, please be sure to ask Sensei!