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50 Ways Martial Arts Training is Good For Everyone

50 Ways Martial Arts Training  is Good For Everyone

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For the Wellness of Your Child

 Here Are Some Serious

Thoughts To Consider

  1. Sharpens Mental Focus
  2. Changes Self-Confidence
  3. Teaches Good Manners
  4. Emphasizes “Can Do” Thinking
  5. Increases Motivation
  6. Keeps the Body Healthy
  7. Helps Break Barriers
  8. Expands Potential
  9. Offers High Energy Workouts
  10. Friendly and Outgoing Instructors
  11. Daily Character Training Program
  12. Wear Cool Uniforms
  13. Being a Part of a Winning Team
  14. Reduces Stress
  15. Boosts Speed and Power
  16. Offers a Great Family Activity
  17. Raises Self-Esteem
  18. Increases Energy
  19. Promotes Communication Skills
  20. Opportunity to Meet Nice People
  21. Gives Peace of Mind
  22. Teaches Self-Protection
  23. Develops Leadership Skills
  24. Promotes Weight Control

25. Increases Respect for Self and Others

  1. Encourages Better Grades
  2. Improves Personal Relationships
  3. Increases Flexibility
  4. Sharpens Reflexes
  5. Improves Concentration
  6. Heightens Courage
  7. Promotes Perseverance
  8. Guarantees Fun
  9. Raises Self-Control
  10. Encourages Positive Thinking
  11. Expands Listening Skills
  12. Increases Stamina
  13. Promotes Good Citizenship Skills
  14. Improves Balance
  15. Enhances Muscle Tone
  16. Strengthens Muscles
  17. Improved Coordination
  18. Offers Classes for Every Skill Level
  19. Raises Enthusiasm
  20. Reinforces Resistance to Peer Pressure
  21. Develop Consistence
  22. Heightens awareness
  23. Improves “Hustle”
  24. Promotes Good Habits
  25. Bailey’s is Rome’s Premier Martial Arts Facility

Bailey’s Karate School in Rome has been serving Rome and the surrounding areas since 1980. Our programs have helped thousands of students feel better about themselves and perform better at school, work, and in life. Bailey’s Karate offers award winning programs for ages 4-70. All programs focus on building self confidence, discipline and leadership qualities with an emphasis on academic achievement for those in school. Classes will improve strength and flexibility and reduce stress. All students develop age appropriate conflict resolution skills to become more confident and assertive.


When you enroll your child in our award winning program you are investing in their future!  All children are different, and our goal  is to  help your child to become the best they can be!


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