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Toi-Gye first half

Toi-Gye: Is the penname of the noted scholar Yi Hwang, the authority on Neo-Confucianism.


Always make sure to practice your meaning before you practice a kata


The major Kias of this kata are:

  1. The first reverse punch down the middle before the 2-3-1 kicking combination
  2. The upward head smash, landing into a nackstance facing the opposite way. (which will end the first half of the kata) 
  3. Backstance with a downward backfirst and hammer strike. 
  4. The last punch of the kata


The first half of the kata has only the first two major kias in it. 


The First Half:

  • Start with a closed ready position and step into a backstance, knife-hand guarding block. After that, it is important to switch over into a forward and to make that forward stand low and wide. You want to make sure you can tell you are switching into a different stance. 
  • After your forward stance prep at your cheek with your left hand on the right side of your face and complete and low spearhead with your right hand (make sure you’re on target). 
  • Then close both fists and pull up into a universal position with a outside high low block. 
  • For the next side you are completing the same techniques but with opposite sides (left and right )
  • After you’ve ended with your outside high low block on your right side, step into a left forward stance and pull back for a low “x” block. 
  • After your low “x” block continue with a double chamber and complete a twin inverted high punch.
  • Double chamber again after your twin inverte high punch and step up with your left leg, front snap kick with your right foot and land on your right foot. 
  • Punch with your right hand and then major kia with your left hand. *FIRST MAJOR KIA*
  • When you have finished your major kia, pull up at universal position with both fists resting on your hips and begin the 2-3-1 combination of inside crescent kicks. 
  • You will start on your left side kicking with your right left and finish into a horse stance with a “W” shape block. You will turn 180 degrees. Do this one more times in the same direction then 3 more in the opposite direction (right). You will complete the combination with one more kick in the left direction. 
  • After that, you will pull and step out into an open backstance with a low arching block. 
  • Switch into a forward stance as you are starting your upward head smash and complete it, then land in a backstance knife-hand guardian block facing the opposite way.  *LAST MAJOR KIA OF THE FIRST HALF*