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Toi-Gye 2nd Half

Toi-Gye: Is the penname of the noted scholar Yi Hwang, the authority on neo-Confucianism.


Always make sure to practice your meaning before you practice a kata


The major Kias of this kata are:

  1. The first reverse punch down the middle before the 2-3-1 kicking combination
  2. The upward head smash, landing into a nackstance facing the opposite way. (which will end the first half of the kata) 
  3. Backstance with a downward backfist and hammer strike. 
  4. The last punch of the kata


The second half of the kata has only the last two major kias in it. 


The second half: 

  • After finishing your backstance knife hand guarding block you quickly shift your hips square so you can complete a skip front snap kick. Right after you kick quickly twin chamber on your left side and and complete a high spear hand. 
  • After you finish your high spear hand you will slide into a backstance knife-hand guarding block in the opposite stance compared to the first one. You will complete a skip front snap kick and high spear hand the same way as the first side. 
  • After your last high spear hand move backwards into a backstance with a downward backfist and hammer strike. *THIRD MAJOR KIA* 
  • After your third major kia, jump forward into a “x” stance with a “x” block. Make sure you are siting low in this stance. 
  • Step into a right forward stance after your “x” stance, and complete a double arm block. 
  • After that you will turn 180 degrees and step into a backstance. Once you’re in your backstane, complete a low knife-hand strike and shuffle into another backstance on the opposite side. You will complete another low knife-hand strike.
  • Once you’re done with your knife-hand strike shift your hips into a right forward stance by just moving your hips and legs. You will still be facing forward. Then complete an inside middle block, shift your hips again into a left forward stance and complete an inside middle block. Then shift your hips into another right forward and do your last inside middle block. 
  • After your last inside middle block you will shift into a horse stance and straighten out your left arm as an aim forward as you lift up on your left leg and land with a middle punch done by your right punch and major kia. *LAST MAJOR KIA*