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KARATE -Beginner Basics


The basics are the foundation of your martial arts training.

Repeatedly practicing your basis builds a strong foundation needed to advance to higher levels in your martial arts training. The more you practice with attention to the details the better you will perform. Stances, strikes and blocks are performed in a variety of stances as you improve.

Remember – “Perfect practice makes perfect”.

Pay attention to all aspects as you train.

Some things to remember:

  • Stance first – Your stance is your foundation.  Think of a house of cards, if the bottom level is weak the card house will collapse.  This is the same for your training in basics.

    • Try practicing just your stance with your hands on your hips.  The distance across between your legs is enough that the feet are in line with the hips and the belly button faces forward. Hips are “square”.
    • Imagine 2 parallel tracks – like a train track.
    • As you step, pull the back leg up to the front leading with the big toe, (the heel is lifted slightly off the floor),  turn the knee in as you cross slightly in front of the other knee.  Maintain weight over the leg that will become the back leg. This will allow you to slide the foot as you move forward.  Continue to move the foot in a “C” motion, (or arching motion), gradually transferring more weight to the front foot until you reach the other track.
    • Try to stay level as you step.
    • Again – Hips and shoulders should be square, with the center of the body facing forward.
  • Prep before stepping if the technique has a prep.

  • Finish your stance before you execute the technique.

Breathing and Body tips.

  • Inhale as you step, relaxing the body.
  • Exhale as you execute technique and tense as the technique as you finish.

Turning around in forward stance

  • Prep making an x with arms – the rear arm on top
  • Reach in a straight line across with the rear leg, about the width of your stance.
  • Pivot on the balls of the feet toward the rear leg, rotating until you are facing the opposite direction.  Be sure to keep the x prep in front of your chest.
  • Low block over the forward leg, chamber the other arm. Punch middle section from chamber, chamber low block. Punch again from chamber as you chamber the punch.
  • You should now have a forward stance in the opposite direction with the punch over the forward leg!