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Intermediate Kicks

Side Thrust Kick —
A strong core is important for this kick. In order to hold your upper body up while
kicking. Doing exercises that target the core will help you with kicks like this, that require
a strong core to hold your body up.
During the side thrust it is important to keep your cocked position in place at the
start of the kick and end. Slow wall kicks will help build up your core to hold a cocked
position better.

Roundhouse, Baskfist Punch-Starting off with a regular roundhouse kick you just simply land in a fighting
stance and do a backfist, followed by a punch. Keep your backfist up while you’re
punching so it can be used as a block.

Double Roundhouse Kick —
As an advanced student, you should be aiming towards head level kicks.
However, if you need to work up your height in kicks, kicking from a lower to a middle
level kick or keep both kicks at the same level is a good way to practice height.
Inside Crescent Kick —
Starting at your prep with this kick which is at the knee, rotate your leg outwards
and draw an imaginary crescent in the air with your foot, then bring it back to the knee.
Loosening up your hip and kicking in a whipping motion can build up speed and snap
with this kick.

Shin Kick —
This is mostly used in self defense so it is still important on your own. You don’t
want this to be a high kick. Strong and low is what you’re looking for. You want to swing
your leg around hard, and stop strong in front of you. Your target is a person’s nerves
on the side of their leg, therefore you don’t want it to be too high (unless you are kicking
a very tall person).

Skipping Inside Crescent —
The same as a regular crescent kick except you are kicking with your front leg
instead of back leg. Use your back foot to slide up behind your front leg and kick.

Hook Kick –  The same position as a side thrust kick and cocked position, except once your leg fully extends you hook your leg around and pull it back to cocked position. You can kick with the heel of your foot or toes.

Reverse Side Thrust —
The same as a regular side thrust kick except, you are pivoting your foot to
switch your body around and twisting it kick from the opposite side.