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Advanced Self Defense

Defense  -Attack Specific


Rear Choke


Offense: Come behind your partner and put one arm around their neck, keeping your crook of your elbow around their throat.


Defense: Shift your hips to clear room for either an elbow to the stomach or first to the groin. After that you will continue to hit until you can turn around and palm them to the face.


Rear Bear Hug


Offense: Come behind your partner and grab around them and hold tight to keep their arms pinned down.


Defense: You can either stop on your partners feet or kick between their legs, then continue you hit until their grin loosens up when you can start to elbow and hit their groin like with a rear choke, until you can turn around and hit with an open handed palm strike.


Head Lock


Offense: Wrap your arm around your partner’s neck and bring them in close to your body. Make it difficult for them to get out, however don’t choke too hard while practicing.


Offense: As soon as you get grabbed, move your feet behind their feet and whip your arm up and over till you can grab onto their chin, nostrils, eye sockets, or hair. When you are able to hold on to something continue to hit your partner while you find something to grab. By now your partner should lose some of their grip, you should be able to start to stand up and move your partner over your knees behind them until they fall.


Side Bear Hug


Offensive: Standing on the side of your partner you will grab them tight enough to pin their arms down.


Defense: Step out and squat down with an elbow to their chest (this should all be one motion). Once you create more space between you and your partner, start to hit with harder elbows until you can move towards them and hit their jaw/chin with an elbow and step into an open hand palm strike.