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To-San First Half

To-San is the false name of Ahn Chang Ho who devoted his life to furthering the education of Korea and it’s independence movement.


Imagine you are blocking and striking someone and work to improve as you perform.

Start slow as you learn.  Be sure you are confident with what you have practiced before moving to the next move of the form. Use the “TIPS” method to practice.


As you improve try the “SPIT” method to practice.


Also important:

  • Prep for your technique before you move and look before moving as if you see the opponent approaching.
  • Your facial expression should show others that you are strong and ready to defend yourself.
  • Finish your stance before you execute your technique.
  • Inhale as you move and exhale as you execute the technique.

Your Kata training will give you a great workout if it is done with the intention of improving your performance.

Other things to think about for this kata:

  • Stance – Think of your forward stance on 2 tracks.  When you go from the first to the second side use a 2 step motion.  Front foot steps across to the same line as the rear, then the rear foot steps across to the same line the front foot was on as you turn your body.
  • The outer forearm block should finish with the fist in line with the shoulder, the elbow at midsection level, and the underside of the forearm turned out to absorb the strike.
  • The punch should strike to the solar plexus and follow quickly after the block.
  • The Back Stance is used in this kata.
    • The rear leg holds 60% of the weight and the front holds the rest. The feet should be placed with the heels in line with each other. Toes of the front foot point forward, and the back foot is perpendicular to the front foot.
  • Take your time moving to the backstance Knifehand Guarding block, as it’s a challenging move to perfect.
  • “Kia” on the Middle Spearhand and be sure the left hand is under the elbow.
  • X Stance with the weight on the right foot and the real leg as a balance point.


The regular practice of kata is essential as it develops the proper body mechanic, help builds muscle memory, develops mindfulness and favors the adequate execution of breathing, but its purpose is actually the core of karate.