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Intermediate Basics

Hook Hook Punch —

        If you go too fast with this technique it can start to look sloppy. To make your hooks look clean and strong don’t forget to chamber in between each hook. The more you practice this technique the faster you can get, build up speed by starting out slow. Also make sure to end this technique with a strong punch!


Elbow Strike —

This is a three step technique so make sure you remember to complete each step. Place your prep on your opposite cheek and then have your knife strike the temple of your target, after striking you wrap your hand around the target’s head and elbow them in the face.

When practicing this technique during progressive basics it is important to strike and chamber at the same time when you are stepping forward.


Twin Knife Hand Strike (In a Backstance) —

This technique is only done in a back stance so before you start practicing this technique, practice the correct way to do a back stance. The chamber for this technique is a double chamber, that means both hands chamber on the same side (which would be in the rear).

When you execute the technique be sure to strike straight from the chamber and on an angle. Don’t move your hands around your face, go straight past it until you complete the technique.


Low “X” Block —

        This is a simpler technique to execute however, this technique requires a low stance. The lower the stance, the better this technique will work. You are most likely blocking a kick or target from the ground, the lower you are the closer you will be to block it.

The main thing to focus on with this technique is the arm placement. You are making an “x” shape with your arms and hands. Leave space to block a target, that means you should have your forearms touching to make an “x” not your wrists.


Low Spearhand —

        This technique is right from your chamber. It is important to keep your arm with some bend in it, it shouldn’t be a locked elbow. Your palm is also face up and your target is the groin area.


Inside High-Low Block —

        When you prep for this technique, make sure your right hand preps downwards and your left hand preps upward.


Outside High-Low Block —

The prep for this technique is not like an Inside High-Low block. You make an “x” with your hand and have your right arm on top in a right forward stance, and left hand on top in a left forward stance.


Twin Inverted High Punch —

        In a double chamber, you will punch up to your target’s cheek bone area. Your arms are bent and the first two knuckles are hitting.


“W” Shape Block —

This isn’t a comfortable block, so if it doesn’t feel comfortable, you’re probably doing it right. Your arms should be out on each side and pulled up so your shoulder blades are touching. And don’t forget to keep your fists over your elbows while they are up.


Low Knife-Hand Block —

Just like a low block, you are moving in the same way, just with a knife-hand block. Keep the side or your hand flat because that is the part that is blocking.


Low Arching-Block —

Whether it is in a back stance, or forward stance, this technique will be done in the same way. It is a twin open hand chamber. One you chamber you come out and block you from blocking across your body and make a diamond shape with your hands.


Upward Head-Smash —

First you do a wedging block, and from there grade your target with both hands and bring down for head smash and land with a punch. Keep in mind where the kia’s go for this and to pace your speed.


Twin Forearm Block —

Just like a twin knife hand block, you twin chamber with a closed first to the rear side of your body in a backstance.