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Karate- Self Defense, Attack Specific

Attack Specific Self Defense

Real fights are not pretty and typically sloppy as we are under stress. Because of the hormones that are released we lose our fine motor skills. Most real fights are usually fought with gross motor skills, which means techniques are messy.  Training under stress repeatedly is one way to improve our technique once students are ready.

As a beginner understanding where and how to strike if you need to defend yourself is important.  A real fight is not this easy or pretty, but if we practice how and where to strike we are better prepared if the situation arises and we need to protect ourselves.

Remember, fighting should be the last resort!  If you can talk your way out of a fight or just walk away that is always better.  When you fight someone gets hurt, and just because you know martial arts doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt!  The more knowledgeable and proficient you are, the more responsible you must be.

Once you have learned how to strike and where to strike you will advance to work on defending under stress. Violence is a process of escalation. You will learn how to understand body language, interrupt a person’s thought process, and other methods of deescalation.

Follow along with Sensei Brandon to practice your attack specific moves fro defense.



As your self-confidence grows, so does your independence from others. Students will learn to control their fears and calmly confront issues they face in everyday life. After practicing for only a few months, students will find that they have noticeably changed and are more confident in their manner and conduct. The Bailey’s Karate School self-defense program benefits include:

  • Becoming more self assured
  • Having higher self esteem
  • Demonstrating much more self control
  • Gaining overall calmness