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Advanced Basics

Advanced Basics


It is important to understand when you start training in more advanced classes, and with advanced techniques, you continue to train in your intermediate basics. Being in advanced classes and learning your new material at an advanced level is a big responsibility. When you don’t practice your beginner material you will start to forget all the past work you learned. This could affect you on how you learn and remember new material also.



Closed Palm Strike —

Straight from the chamber , push up in front of you with a straight arm and the plan of your hand pushing out, with all fingers clenched.


Downward Knife-Hand Strike —

Prepping next to the ear, keeping your hand in a knife hand position, you will chop all the way down in front of you. (Remember to look when you strike).


Inward Elbow —

        Depending on the stance you’re in it will vary how you do this technique. When you’re in a forward stance you are hitting to the side of your front leg (right or left). And you will reinforce your elbow with your other hand.


Inside High-Low Block —

        When you prep for this technique, make sure your right hand preps downwards and your left hand preps upward.


Low Block High Knife Hand —

        This technique is easy to break down. It is exactly what it says, you do a regular low lock and then follow it up with a high knife-hand, which is just like a high block except the hand position is in a knife hand position.